Where to Buy Proactiv and How to Contact the Company

If you’ve seen the TV ads and read ads online, you may want to try Proactiv for yourself. The product is said to clear your breakouts and prevent future blemishes. You can easily buy Proactiv through the toll-free number or their official website. But if you need extra product or are looking for other Proactive reviews products, you can find lower prices on these products online.

Bidding or using Buy-It-Now on eBay gives you a great chance to get Proactiv products at discounted prices. There are many sellers on eBay, so check the feedback of a seller before you make a purchase from them, so you will know that they are reputable and sell genuine products.

Read the descriptions carefully before you choose any Proactiv product to buy. Make sure that the product you wish to buy has never been opened or used. You can also contact sellers if you have questions about expiration dates or other issues. You’ll usually need a Paypal account to purchase Proactiv products on eBay, but some sellers will take credit cards, too.

Amazon.com is another good place to buy Proactiv at low prices. You can purchase instantly on Amazon.com, just like you can when you use Buy-It-Now on eBay. There are many individual sellers on Amazon as well, so be sure you check up on a seller’s feedback before you buy from them, if you’re not buying directly from Amazon. Pay attention to the descriptions and shipping costs, so you will know the total price you’re paying.

If you check out the Proactiv website, you’ll notice that they have a 60 day guarantee on products bought directly from the company. It may be difficult to get a refund if you buy Proactiv products at Amazon or eBay. The official Proactiv site gives you a 60 day clear skin guarantee, and you can return any unused portion – or even the empty bottles – to them for a full refund, less shipping and handling, if it didn’t work effectively on your acne.

If you have specific questions about the products or wish to return your unused portion, you can contact Proactiv directly. If you purchased your Proactiv items as a mall kiosk, it may be more difficult to get the company to honor a return, even though those kiosks are run by Guthy-Renker, as well.

If you need to contact Proactiv, there are options available on the company website. There is a contact form at http://www.proactiv.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-Proactiv-Site/default/CustomerService-ContactUs but there is no option on this form for canceling future shipments, so you may need to contact them by phone in order to cancel auto-shipments if you no longer wish to receive them. You can also use the form at the site to give the company feedback or if you have questions about your account, or questions about the way to use the product properly.

If you want to return products bought at mall kiosks, Proactiv advises that they must be returned at the kiosks where they were purchased. If you have any other questions about the product or returns and need to contact the Skin Care Advisors, you can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 1-800-876-9717.